TR Client can't find sim cache

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TR Client can't find sim cache

Post by MMan » 29 Oct 2018, 17:19

When I launch a render on our server it will list each frame of the sim cache;
...Created Asset '14d98......trb_sim_cache_0000000111.bcf for example.
But then I'll get'
TFD ERROR: CacheFrameGuard::load():render server request failed for "...server path..../bd36f46.....trb_sim_cache_0000000111.bcf
TFD ERROR: Failed to load frame 111 from cache "...server path..." for object (file name)

What's confusing is the sim cache names are different. The error name is not the name of my cache file so no wonder it can't find it.

This used to work perfectly. The frames will render, but not with any turbulence.
The file renders fine on my mac pro. Is this a permission issue?

Thanks for any help!!

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