Still trying TFD for Cinema

Fluid Dynamics for CINEMA 4D
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Still trying TFD for Cinema

Post by jander » 24 May 2019, 16:27

I got a litle Problem here. I am working on the Demoversion of TFD. I work on a Tutorioal from Youtube, but i have some Problems with that.

I watched the Whole Tutorial and i have written all Setings to a Paper.
In the Tutorial the Artist works with both Animation Part with Separate Caches. I tried to copy That but i got only Problems with that.
I have set the Original Dimension and Position of both Parts but later as i wanted to render both Parts, the both Rendered Caches were in different Dimensions. The Explosion was far lower than the Dustwave. Even the Rendering in the Preview was not allways correctly.

I need the Full Version to save the prerendered Caches. I absoluitely want to Buy the Plugin. But i am not sure if i got the rendered errors because i have only the Demoversion or if the Full Licene has the Same Problems.
If i render first the Explosion itself and then switch over to the Dustwave.
The Dustwave in the Caches are in different Dimensions. Even the Rendering got errors because the Prerendered Dustwave is mixing up with the Explosion. I have the Setup made correctly, but the two caches wih the Differewnt animations dont like each other.
Beside that. I am looking for a Tutorial in with i can make Water Steam. I looked on Youtube but i have found nothing. Only a Animation wih a Steam Train. As far as i have learned it is better to render both Animations with a single Containewr in tw caches. First the explossion with a cacjhe and then the Dustwave. Render them both with different caches and then setup both animations in a Video Editor. I work with Premierer and Photoshop Elements. Both dont have the Optimal funktions but it is good enough.
Once i rendered the finished prerender and in the oputling of the Fire i got a bolt Gray Border. how does that come ? I rendered the first Fram,es as a PNG and saved the alpha with them.

The Tuorial that i work with is this:

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