1070 GTX support?!

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1070 GTX support?!

Post by nbeyond » 30 Sep 2016, 10:36

Hi there,

my actuall rig contains 2x1070 - but can´t run a simulation with it =/ (apported - unexpected error)
For now i have to go with CPU sim what´s actually not very comfortable ^^

I suggest TD doesn´t support CUDA 8 by now?!

Btw is it possible to run the simulation on both gpu´s!?


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Re: 1070 GTX support?!

Post by jascha » 04 Oct 2016, 13:06

The latest TFD build 1418 supports Nvidia Pascal GPUs like the GTX 10xx.

While TFD does not support multi-GPU simulation yet, it still helps to use two GPUs.
The simulation should ideally always be run on a GPU that does not also drive a display.
This way it does not have to share GPU memory and compute time with the rest of the system.

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