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Feature request- Shader based on distance from object (LW)

Posted: 16 Feb 2017, 01:48
by rednax
Ability to use a null, or geometry as a point from which the shader can be tuned. The usual setting found in Lightwave is "distance from/to object". Used in hypervoxels etc.

In the TFD LW panel we can add a gradient based on liquidity, but could really, really do wonders if the "Distance from object" field were to be added.
Actually, my main request would be shader based on age after collision, but I could simulate that with a distance to null quite easily, and would be more versatile.

We can then make a quantum leap from fire and smoke to space nebulae, better cloud and meteorological sims, and just about anything where a collision is a visible variable more than density alone.

Would it be an afternoon's work to add this functionality which LW already has in hypervoxels?