Limits of trial version?

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Limits of trial version?

Post by TwTw » 21 Feb 2017, 21:08

Can anyone tell me the limits of the trial version of TurbulenceFD for c4d (mac) ??

I am working with an animator who sent me some files for me to render, but he used turbulence, which I do not have.

I was thinking maybe I could use a trial version to do the renders, but I cannot see what the limitations of the trial version listed anywhere.

Is it functional for a limited period?
Are the renders watermarked?
Render size limits?
or … ?

Also, I am a teacher at university. Does jawset offer any discounts for educators?
(I have written to the jawset sales dept but I have yet to receive a reply.)

Your advice and knowledge are appreciated.
thank you -
- Tw

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Re: Limits of trial version?

Post by olahaldor » 27 Feb 2017, 09:23

I believe the renders are water marked. It's been years since I tried the demo before buying though so I don't know if there's other limitations.
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